Giving Back

The Responsibility of Giving Back

We believe strongly in giving back to the communities in which we operate, using only local guides and frequenting lodges that provide employment opportunities to the locals. We also ensure that the partners, lodges, and tour operators adhere to employment guidelines in terms of hours worked, wages, and conditions, using only certified operators and businesses in the countries where verification is available (such as HATAB in Botswana).

We buy only local food products, often from family-run businesses, have a smaller carbon footprint than fly in-fly out safaris, and ensure our vehicles are always in top shape to minimize emissions.

However, we don't think this is enough.

We want to participate in the communities and be active members in helping to address some of the problems our African friends are facing. Lack of education, health, food, sustainability, economic stability, and access to services remain significant barriers to development, especially in the poorest countries.

So, what are we doing about it?

Every tour we provide helps to support an orphaned girl and contributes to a family farming initiative in Malawi. We have partnered with Love Support Unite (LSU), who are connected with Tilinanu orphanage. LSU is involved in educational efforts for children, mothers, and families alike with a focus on parenting skills, nutrition, and sustainable economic farming, not just subsistence farming, helping families to become self-sufficient and farms to become sustainable.

Please learn more about the amazing work LSU is doing

In our down time, we are also involved in a variety of other projects, all in Malawi:

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